Robert Lavery


"I consider myself now to be a modern, non-objective “serialist” painter much in the fashion of Claude Monet. Monet's series experimented with light and its effect on the color of an object. I begin with an image and progress through a series of paintings to an enlarged and simplified non-objective composition. These compositions are given a balance and order through their structure, line and color application. I never seek a final solution, and my pieces relate to each other as well as to the initial image. With this in mind, my work is best viewed when a number of pieces are shown in their evolving sequential order. While viewing these pieces you will notice that I have scribbled personal thoughts, poetry, emotions, anxieties, and ideas on the painted surfaces which in some cases I've erased and obliterated so the viewer is called to return to what is most important:  the painting.

After all, isn't a painting composed by placing pigmented mediums (colors) across a surface of the artist’s choice into a composition of his choice?  Representational/objective artists strive to create an illusion of “real” objects in their work. I choose to be a non-objective artist, and I consciously make no allusion to an illusion in some of my work.

The purpose of an art piece should no longer be assumed to exist because of a similarity to visual reality. Artwork should also comment on the process of making art by expressing elements of the artists unconscious. Surprisingly, this may evoke an emotion in the viewer without recourse or recall to an image or symbolic representational work of art."

- Robert Lavery

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