Jim Garb

Jim is a photographer, retired physician, occasional teacher, and sometime musician living on Cape Cod.  Although he’s been taking pictures since he was a teenager, he’s gotten more serious about his work in the past ten years since cutting back on his full time medical work load.

While the Cape is noted for the quality of its light and its photogenic nature, Jim also enjoys photographing other venues, such as the U.S. Southwest, Paris, the California coast, and the Canadian Rockies.  Cuba is a photographer's paradise!

This is Cuba

Cuba, the once-forbidden island, is a land of contrasts, quite unlike anyplace else on earth.  Beautifully restored colonial buildings sit alongside others that are crumbling.  Reminders of former wealth remain, in the midst of quite striking poverty.  The ubiquitous vestiges of Communism and the revolution seem largely irrelevant to Cubans today.  And the number of antique American cars on the road, most of them lovingly maintained and in excellent condition, never ceases to impress.


My eight day photography trip to Cuba in the winter of 2017 was extraordinary.  We were able to meet several Cuban photographers and artists in their studios and learn about the challenges of living and working there. We got to photograph two dancers from the Cuban National Ballet in an old mansion exemplifying the faded elegance of Havana.  But for me, the best part was walking the streets of Havana, photographing and talking with people as best I could with my rudimentary Spanish.  The Afro-Cuban influence was notable.  The Cuban people were exceptionally friendly, and there is a pervasive upbeat vibe that seems atypical for a Communist country.


These photographs present a condensed view of my brief visit, which felt a bit like going through a time warp, and I look forward to someday returning to Cuba. 

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